Our Fees

Psychological services can be accessed either privately or through a referral provided by a medical professional, such as a GP, paediatrician or psychiatrist through the Medicare Better Access Program.  You may also be able to access psychological support, at no cost, through an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), if your employer has one.

Current Fees

  • Standard consultation: $140.00
  • Psychometric assessments and reports start at: $500.00
  • Other psychometric assessments (per hour): $140.00
  • Case conference: $140.00
  • Court Appearance/Expert Witness (per hour): $180.00

Psychological services are generally exempt form GST, unless the services are paid for by a third party (e.g. an employer or a government department).

The cost of psychological assessments and reports varies considerably depending on the purpose and nature of the assessment, number of interviews required, and the number and type of  psychometric tests that are administered.  Please discuss your requirements with reception staff or your psychologist.

Rebates under the Medicare Better Access Program

In circumstances where a medical professional (GP, paediatrician or a psychiatrist) has made a referral to a psychologist under the Medicare Better Access Program, you are able to claim a Medicare rebate to assist with the costs of psychological assessment and therapy, for a maximum of 10 consultations per calendar year.

We recommend that you discuss you eligibility and the referral with your GP prior to arranging appointments with our psychologists.

The Medicare rebate is currently $84.80 per standard consultation, and in most cases we can process the rebate for your at the time you pay for your appointment. With the rebate the out of pocket costs are $55.20 per standard consultation.

For further information, please discuss this with your GP, paediatrician or psychiatrist, and take a look at our Understanding the Better Access Program and Mental Health Care Plans page.

Private Health Funds

Private health funds may offer rebates for psychological services which can significantly reduce the cost of psychological assessment and treatment. If you have private health cover and are unsure of your entitlements, please check with your health fund prior to your initial appointment.

Employee Assistance Programs

We are registered providers for Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) which cover the full cost of psychological services for a specific number of consultations (depending on individual EAPs). Please enquire with your HR department to see if you have an EAP provider and whether we are registered to provide services for them.  Common EAP providers include: Eudoxia, Workforce Wellbeing, Assure Programs and Converge International.


How many appointments am I able to claim under a Mental Health Treatment Plan?

You are able to claim the Medicare rebate for up to 10 appointments in a calendar year.

How long is a Mental Health Treatment Plan valid for?

A referral under a Mental Health Treatment Plan is valid for up to 12 months after the date it was made by your doctor.

Is bulk billing available?

Bulk billing is only available for appointments with the social worker Mary Venables. For all other appointments you will be required to pay the full fee, including the gap between our fee and the Medicare rebate.

Are home visits available?

As well as providing bulk billing for all appointments Mary Venables also provides a home visiting service. Other psychologists at Cairns Psychology Group may do home visits or school-based observations on certain occasions.